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Techniques for Painting the Difficult Surfaces

Almost anyone can paint a room in your house. But there are certain techniques & guidelines to follow that will make your painting project shine.

Trim, molding, and corners – If you’re repainting or adding a new color to a room, the first thing you want to do is paint the woodwork and trim. Then, move on to surface areas around outlets, knobs and those hard-to-reach corners. This should give you a nice outline of the room. Now mask off any areas that you don’t want painted, and finish the walls and ceilings with a roller. This spreads the paint out evenly and quickly.

Brick walls or masonry – Use a drop cloth and roller to keep the floor or patio clean from paint speckles. Outside painting of garage walls may require some prep work. Scrape off old paint and built-up dirt. Paint the wall with a roller and then use a brush for areas that can only be reached by hand. Window trim and doors should also be painted by hand.

Vinyl siding – The home’s vinyl siding is usually maintenance-free, but if you have some touch-up work to do, the best route is exterior paint. Make sure to purchase paint made specifically for vinyl siding. This type of siding will expand & contract with the temperature. You’ll need paint that’s made specifically for vinyl siding. And don’t add a darker color. This can do damage to the siding because of the additional heat it will absorb.

Wood siding - First, remove damaged or rotting wood. You might have to cut away some of the vegetation to get to the wood, but this will help you when painting the new siding. Now that you have a clear view of the siding, scrape away old paint. Before installing the new boards, sand down the planks so that the primer soaks into the wood more easily. After the primer has dried, add a couple coats of paint, and your new siding should be good for at least 4-5 years.

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