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Yes, You Can Paint Tile!

Maybe you are not quite digging that great “retro” look your kitchen or bathroom is sporting in tile color, but you can’t afford to replace it completely right now. Did you know there is a quick and easy solution? Paint! Yes, you can also paint tile, and actually turn that ugly little drawback into an eye-catching feature.

Carefully prepare the surface. Clean the old tile with an ammonia and water solution or a tile and grout cleaner. It can be difficult for paint to stick to smooth tile, and applying a very gentle sander will rough the surface, encouraging the paint to stick better. Be very careful not to leave any marks that will show. After the tile is dry, apply a coat of primer. Look for an oil-based, highly adhesive product. This will help encourage the paint to stick better while preventing stains from bleeding through.

Applying the paint. Because most tile surfaces are around water, you should use an oil-based or epoxy paint for best results. You can use any standard interior semi-gloss paint, but be careful to apply in several thin coats. The tile will take several days to set up completely, so be sure it stays protected and is allowed to dry properly.

Even though painting ceramic tile is done quite often, it tends to be more of a short-term solution. The location of the tile will affect the lifespan of the paint job. Wall tiles will last the longest; whereas, floor and counter surfaces will be more prone to scratches and peeling with wear.

Tile showers and other very wet surfaces should be avoided as they will quickly deteriorate. Professionals do have stronger products available that will last longer. Typically, these products are very strong and can be difficult to use. Painting any tile does require a certain amount of skill, and your results will be more satisfactory if the project is completed by a professional. If you would like a free estimate from a professional painting contractor, request one from someone in your area today.

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