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Give Your Bedroom a Freshly Painted Look

Painting the bedroom obviously gives the room a fresh look and it can be done on a budget. Before you can start painting, some small details need to ironed out. What color should your new bedroom be and how many gallons of paint will you need?

Is your bedroom small? Light blues, pastels, and off whites will give the illusion of more space. In contrast, darker colors such as orange, red, and navy blue, all make the room feel closed off if you want to make a large bedroom look cozy.

Make sure to buy enough paint. Sure, you’re only painting one room. One gallon of paint should cover 400 square feet, but that doesn’t take into account the number coats you’ll need to apply.

  • Always clean the walls from dust, dirt, and maybe even dead spiders. This is boring work but it has to be done so your bedroom walls shine. If you skip it, you could get small particles in the paint and on the walls. Cover furniture and then make sure to mask off edges and wood trim. Once you’ve cleaned everything and prepped the sideboards, it’s time to paint.
  • Take a good clean brush and paint a 3-inch a perimeter along the edge of the ceiling. When painting, always start at the top and work your way down. Once the outline is complete, use your roller to fill in the gap. Blend in the edges where the brush and roller paint met, then move on to the walls.
  • Repeat the process on the walls and then bring in the roller to finish the job. Be careful not to overload the roller with paint; too much will just cause splatter.

As you’re putting the final touches of paint on the wall, don’t forget about clean up. Brushes, rollers, and drops will all have to be taken care of. Using latex paint will help in the aftermath. Brushes can be washed out easier and rollers will be useful again if you use a water base paint.

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