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Color Combinations for Bedroom Painting

How to paint a bedroom depends largely on personal taste, but there are some universal factors to take into account. For one, the bedroom is a sanctuary, so comfort is tantamount. As for paint finish, the best paints are flat or low sheen because they’re warmer, soaking up the light rather than reflecting it back. Low gloss paints are also better at covering up imperfections (say, a child’s wandering marker) and require less prep time.

You’ll find that bedrooms are an open canvas when it comes to painting, mainly because every person has different preferences, moods, and lifestyles. So everything from flat white to in-depth faux finishes are on the table.


Think about what suits you best. Kids love vibrant, stimulating colors and many hardworking adults enjoy softer colors that invoke relaxation. Here are some basic rules for color and matching tones:

  • Soft, muted, cool colors are common in smaller bedrooms because they make the space feel larger, yet still maintain a comfortable aura. Teenagers, who probably spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, usually appreciate cooler colors (blues, greens & lavender) because they’re both soothing and bright.
  • Sanctuary-seeking parents might want darker and warmer colors that guide them to rest, relaxation and eventually sleep after a long day of work and parenting.
  • Combining colors in the bedroom is another popular choice. Colors may be supplementary, such as color shades from the same family (i.e. two different reds) or complimentary, as in combining a cool green with a warm red.

Getting to work

Painting a bedroom can actually be quite painless, so long as you take care to protect the flooring and furniture. Just focus on your four walls and ceiling. This saves time on taping and cutting around the corners. A neat tape job is essential, especially when combining colors because clean lines complete the effect.

All standard painting practices apply - cutting along the trim and corners and rolling on the rest. Just be sure to keep the sheen low and the fun energy level high.

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