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Helpful Tips for Painting the Bedroom

Bedrooms are our comfort zone. Where else would you rather retreat to after a long, tiring day? Maybe it’s time to recreate your little sanctuary, or just to paint over those crayon marks on the kids’ walls from three years ago. Whatever your project, you may find some of the following tips helpful.

Choosing the right colors is an important step. It is definitely easier in children’s rooms, but still an important decision. Children typically want a certain theme. Unless you don’t mind repainting often, you may want to talk them into something a little more neutral than fluorescent pink or the Raider’s colors of black and silver. On the other hand, decorating their rooms is very important to children, and you can always repaint before marketing your home.

Guest rooms do well with soft and relaxing tones. Whether you want to do light and airy blues, or warm and fuzzy creams and browns, both are popular palettes this year. The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms. Choose colors that are conducive to rest, relaxation, and romance. Warm golds and browns are welcoming, and deep reds stimulate intimacy and romance.

Part of a master bedroom is the master bath. Although you don’t have to have exactly the same colors in the bathroom as the bedroom, it helps to encourage a basic theme.

The key to pulling off different color combinations is to have clean lines. Careful masking of corners will achieve this. Bedrooms provide multiple opportunities for accessories and accents. Tie your theme together by choosing draperies, linens, and throw pillows that complement and really set-off your paint colors.

As with all interior painting projects, be sure to have ample ventilation before you proceed.

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