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Checklist for Painting Vinyl Siding

Let’s say your maintenance-free vinyl siding finally requires a new paint job. A couple years ago, that would have been a very dicey situation. Today, with advances in acrylic latex paints, the job has become much more doable. If you need to paint vinyl siding, here’s a quick check list to follow.

  • Consult the experts. Find out what you’re up against before you paint. If you don’t, it might just be waste of your time and money. Vinyl can be very fickle if you don’t follow specific guidelines for painting.
  • Cleaning the surface is always the first step when applying any paint or sealant. A high-pressure sprayer is ideal for removing built up dirt, cobwebs, and perhaps even mildew. Water and bleach will also eliminate mildew. A clean surface promotes better adhesion.
  • Let the pros pick your paint. As I mentioned, the newest acrylic paints are designed to roll with the punches. Vinyl expands and contracts depending on the temperature, and that’s why it’s difficult to paint. Ask a paint expert about which type of acrylic will work best for your siding. When you pick the paint, make sure it’s a lighter color than the current siding. A darker color will absorb more heat and that could cause the siding to buckle and warp.
  • To begin painting, always start at the top and work your way down. A ladder, rubber gloves, brushes, and rollers can be used to apply the paint. Try not to paint in direct sunlight, this can cause cracking; overcast days are better. It’s recommend that you apply two coats of paint and then regular maintenance every 5 to 10 years.




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