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Exterior Painting

It’s inevitable. No matter how much we love our homes, our styles and tastes change over time. At one point or another, you’ll probably want to update the look and feel of your home’s exterior. But it’s not as tough as it sounds; you can achieve a total makeover with a simple paint job. Painting the exterior finish revamps the home’s appearance for your family and visitors heading up the driveway. View our house painting ideas to get an idea of what you can achieve.

Painting a home’s exterior can be a very large task, however, and one that should be carefully planned out. Before tackling the job yourself, make sure that you have all the tools of the trade and as many safety measures as possible to ensure that you don’t get hurt in the process. For those of you who may be coordinationally challenged, it’s advisable to hire an experienced painter to do the job.

Color Selection

Of course, half the battle is choosing the right colors for your maison makeover. The web, magazines and home catalogs are great sources for checking out various color schemes. It’s sort of like flipping through the book of hairdos at the barber shop or salon; see what draws your interest and then picture your home with those changes.

Complementary Colors

If you’re having trouble with complementary colors, most home improvement centers or paint stores have color cards with swatches of three colors to complement each other. This gives you a better idea of how they’ll blend into one great look.

More Info

When you’re ready to brush stroke the stucco or siding, be sure to do your homework first. Take a look at the articles we’ve prepared to help you determine the scope of your project. There are tips for painting various exterior finishes that can help you plan your project and ensure a fabulous finish.

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