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Painting the Bedroom

If you enjoy interior design, then you already know that designing bedrooms can be one of the most rewarding and fun projects you’ll undertake in your home. Whether you’re upgrading the master suite, the kids’ rooms, or a cozy guest quarters, a major element in setting the mood is the color palette.

Which colors you choose for a bedroom depends largely on the intended purpose of the room.

  • Children’s rooms can have more vibrant and fun colors. Children are very visual, and bright happy colors or even murals can stimulate their happiness and creativity.
  • Guest bedrooms, on the other hand, should represent warm hospitality and relaxation. You want to create a welcoming environment that allows your guests to thoroughly enjoy their stay. Warmer tones include creams, browns, beiges, soft yellows, golds, and deep reds and burgundies.
  • The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms. Not only is it your little escape at the end of a hard day, but it is also an important selling feature when you go to market your home. Choose these colors wisely. You want colors that expand the size of the room and allow the right amount of light, all while creating a warm, inviting environment. Certain colors such as deep reds also help to create more of a romantic feel.

When choosing your color schemes, try to choose colors that are modern, trendy, and not too extreme. You may love mustard yellow with purple polka-dots, but obviously no one else ever will. The fun aspect of paint is it can always be changed to something newer and more exciting. You can also incorporate decorative touches such as faux techniques. These are much easier to change than wallpaper, and add one more design element. Request free estimates from prescreened house painting contractors in your area today to bring your home to life with fresh color.

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