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Painting Your Living Room

Are you looking for a way to update your living room, but don’t want to undertake a major renovation project right now? Maybe applying new paint is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for you. Paint can work wonders in a room, here are a few ideas for dressing up your living room.

Choose the right colors

What colors you choose for your living room should depend mainly on how large the room is. If it is a large room, you can venture more into darker colors. For smaller rooms, stick with lighter colors. Multiple colors in one room can also look appropriate in living rooms. If the room is large enough, experiment with having two shades of the same color within the same room. Try setting off your paint by painting the ceiling white. This creates a contrast that really helps your colors to pop. The addition of crown molding around the ceiling will complete the classy look.


You are not limited to simply applying paint with a brush or roller. Although there is nothing wrong with this commonly used technique, there are many other fascinating methods that can make your paint job extra special. Consider adding texture and pattern to your wall with the use of a special roller, faux techniques, plasters, or textured paints. Decorative tiles can also be utilized and painted the color of your choosing.

Helpful hints

Crisp, clean lines are essential to presenting a quality paint job. Carefully mask all corners and the area around windows and fixtures to ensure your colors don’t bleed into unwanted territory. Remove any fixtures and plate covers ahead of time, and carefully cover all furniture and the flooring before beginning. Work in well-ventilated areas.

The winter season provides long days indoors that are perfect for addressing some of those little projects we weren’t able to get to this past summer. Take a fresh look at your room, and if you want to transform it with a fresh paint job, then request free painting estimates from local painting contractors in your area.

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