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Painting Your Kitchen

An important part of a kitchen renovation is choosing a new color palette. Paint can be used to do a mini-remodel, refreshing the walls, upgrading the cabinets, and even reinventing the look of tile. Here are a few tips to help you decide which colors are best for your kitchen.

Try to think of your kitchen on a larger scale, taking into consideration your theme as a whole. If you are choosing modern contemporary cabinetry, countertopping, and appliances, then you might opt for more trendy colors. Black and white, cool blues, vibrant oranges, yellows and reds, and golds and chocolates have all been popular this past year. If you are trying for more of a country feel, then go for lighter, brighter and more cheerful colors such as whites and creams. If you want more of a Mediterranean flare, then opt for darker, more romantic colors such as terracotta reds and warm chocolates.

It is important for kitchens to feel as large and spacious as possible. The colors you choose can impact the size quite a bit. Remember that darker colors are more confining and lighter color more open and airy. Try to choose colors that complement your cabinetry and countertopping instead of colors that overpower the rest of the kitchen. You want the other design elements to dominate, not your color palette.

A kitchen should be a warm and welcoming environment. When choosing your color scheme, try to think of things that are pleasant to you and work with those colors. If chocolate and creams conjure up happy thoughts, then work with those. A kitchen is built around food preparation, entertaining, and family time. Try to choose a theme that is supportive of your lifestyle.

Winter is a great time to address your interior design. Request free estimates from prescreened painting contractors to paint your kitchen.

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