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Painting the Bathroom

Bathroom design can actually present some tricky decisions when it comes to choosing appropriate colors. Most bathrooms tend to be smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house, and choosing the wrong color scheme can prove costly to the overall size and appearance. Unless a bathroom is very large, lighter colors tend to work better. Not only do they help to create the illusion of a larger space, but they are also brighter and cleaner feeling. Darker colors, on the other hand, can create a warm and cozy feel.

Choosing your color

When choosing the colors for your bathroom, give careful consideration to how large of a space you are working with. Try to only use darker colors as accents, such as to create a wainscoting effect. The same rule holds true for wallpapers or faux techniques. The addition of crown molding along with a light ceiling can help to make the walls feel taller. The lighting situation in the bathroom contributes as well to finding an appropriate color scheme. If the bathroom is naturally very bright and cheery with large windows providing plenty of natural light, then you can take more liberty with darker colors. If lighting is poor, stick with lighter colors.

Venturing on the safe side

Beiges, golds, and creams are some of the best choices for bathroom palettes. They create a warm glow, while allowing color to be used without creating a closed-in, too-small effect. They are also neutral enough to allow for a lot of expression in the accents and fixtures. An example of this would be a neutral wall color, with deep-red towels and black fixtures. Also consider incorporating the darker colors in using a stenciling effect.

What colors are in right now?

Want to get a jump on the trendy colors for 2009? Then try choosing dusky blues, silvery grays, warm chocolates, flashy metallics, or deep purples and blues. Again, remember to stay on the lighter side for your main color, and to draw these themes in with your accents, fixtures, and accessories. Request free house painting estimates today from prescreened painting contractors to update your bathroom.

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