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Wallpaper, an Attractive Alternative to Paint

Wallpaper is a very popular material for interior design. It can be used to dress-up a bathroom, add some style to a bedroom, or create a simple border around a kitchen backsplash. However, it is one of those products that must be perfectly installed to be attractive; otherwise it will have lines, begin to peel, and then will be difficult to remove.

Selecting your wallpaper. Be careful when selecting the color and design of your wallpaper. Wallpaper can be time-consuming and difficult to remove, and you should choose something you are going to be happy with for an extended period of time. Wallpaper is one of those products that can either look wonderful or very dated very quickly. Avoid picking strong florals or heavily patterned designs, the more subtle colors and patterns will appear richer and blend more into the overall scheme of your design. Wallpapers either come with self-adhesive backing or you can purchase glue separately. Wallpapers can be vinyl, paper-backed fabric, grass burlap, and corked-face.

Installing the wallpaper. Properly preparing your wall will help the wallpaper to attach better and to last longer. If previously wallpapered, completely remove all wallpaper and glue with a chemical wallpaper remover. It can also be removed by first scoring the paper, and then soaking it with hot water and vinegar. After all residue is gone, wash the wall with a hot water and vinegar mixture. After the wall is dry, begin the installation. With special installation, it is possible to install new wallpaper over existing wallpaper. Using a level, draw a starting line, and carefully monitor each piece with the level as you apply the sheets to ensure straight lines.

Wallpaper offers an attractive alternative to paint and other wall-coverings. It can also cover defects in the wall better than paint. To ensure that you won’t be faced with trying to remove or repair a poor wallpaper installation, only hire a skilled professional to complete your project. Request free estimates from pre-screened painting contractors in your area today.

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