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Gravel, A Landscaper’s Dream Material

Landscaping or gardening with gravel can add a bit of charm to your property. This material can be a prominent feature in the yard or hidden below the surface. It just depends on what you needs are.

Excellent for Draining

Gravel is an excellent drainage material. For example, if you’re constructing a drainage ditch around your house, gravel is one of the primary elements you’ll need. As for the visible uses of gravel, try mulching it in as a pathway or use it to surface the driveway.

Durable and Appealing

Country style homes and rural farms have used gravel for a long time because of its durability and rustic appeal. Back in the urban jungle, gravel is a popular playground surface and it’s been incorporated into residential xeriscaping. It’s not uncommon to see this small stone take the place of grass in residential parking strips. Landscapers will turn these exposed areas into gravel beds that contain drought-resistant plants and smartly placed rocks to change the landscaping.

Zen Gardening Element

Gravel is also used in some traditional Japanese Gardens. Dry Japanese landscapes rely on stones, gravel, and pruned trees as the only arrangements in the garden. Raking gravel in meticulous formations symbolizes ocean waves. This is a very important design function, and it requires constant maintenance on the part of the gardener.

Gravel as an Irrigation Tool

When used in the garden to retain moisture for plants, gravel is a superior irrigation tool. It allows water and nutrients to pass through, and it helps the ground retain it. Some organic mulches actually have plant parts in them, and they tend to trap the moisture, forming a barrier that deprives the plants of needed water. On the downside, gravel can’t prevent weeds from growing through to the surface. In order to stamp out the weeds many landscapers will put down a plastic layer or landscaping cloth as a weed barrier, then just pour gravel over the top. This should stop the weeds altogether.



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