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Granite Can Be the Main Attraction for Your Garden or Patio

Granite is a very common natural stone found throughout North America. It’s also one of the hardest stones in the world, second only to the diamond. For centuries granite has been used as a primary building block for cities and monuments. Mount Rushmore was carved out of white granite. In a way you could argue it was one of the greatest landscaping projects of all time. No wonder this stone is routinely used in backyard gardens and patios.

In midday sun, these weathered and ruddy stones offer a terrific contrast to lush green grass and the blooming colors from surrounding flower beds. Landscapers have recognized how granite complements other elements of the gardens, making them hard to resist. These stones are commonly found in shades of black, gray, pink, and brown. They are often used as boarders and accents, but they can stand alone as the main attraction too.

Granite can also be turned into manufactured fieldstone. The rock is split in half and chiseled into shape. This flat stone can then be mortared together to create a landscaping wall, or serve as the front of an outdoor fire place. Flagstone granite is slightly different. It’s milled flat, with about an inch of thickness. Flagstone is the preferred stone for outdoor patios. The durability and texture of granite provides a warm and informal feel to the patio. River rocks or beach pebbles are very popular as well. Landscapers use these smaller stones to fill in the edges of the garden. This helps stave off erosion and keeps the weeds down.



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