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Boulders Add a Wonderful Sense of Permanence

Rocks and boulders provide a wonderful sense of permanence to the landscape. They blend well with trees, bushes, and flowers, creating a full, vibrant picture. They also help the ground retain more water and require little if any maintenance.

These intricate objects can also serve as the main attraction. Japanese Rock Gardens and various forms of alpine landscaping feature boulders as the main cog in the design plan. If used properly these giants of the garden can provide beautiful layers of flowers and a sense of harmony.

On the other hand, rocks, boulders, and sand can sometimes be the only attraction the land has to offer. Areas of the country that are hot and dry turn to xeriscaping to fulfill their landscaping ideas. The red rock country of Southern Utah is a prime example of how residents have adapted to the desert environment. It’s actually one of the most interesting places in the world. With five national parks and countless dry washes and canyons available to explore, some residents prefer the trouble free option of red rock xeriscaping over the more traditional grass yard.

Somewhere in between the desert and the mountains, rocks and boulders remain prominent in our landscaping ideas. They serve as sentinels in traditional flowerbeds and manicured lawns. Professional landscapers often use them as boarders or accent the yard with different colors or formations. Rocks can also provide elevation changes to relatively flat landscapes, great for planting creeping ground cover, low-level flowers, and shrubbery.

The cost of getting natural rocks and boulders in place can be expensive. Make sure you have a plan in mind before moving forward, otherwise the rocks may look out of place. Boulders look more natural if they’re buried in the earth. Plant the rock about four inches deep and brush dirt around the edges; it’ll look like it was there all along.




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