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Artificial Rocks Cover Unsightly Objects and Collect Rainwater

You’ve heard of pet rocks, how about fake rocks? Are you looking to hide some unsightly landscaping or just beatify the backyard? Artificial rocks or boulders can make a great addition to the yard. These mock rocks are great for revamping the pool, or you can work them into the backyard waterfall or pond.

The great thing is they look real, but without the hassle or expense that comes with real rocks and boulders. Plus, these rocks can be custom made to hide dangerous or unsightly objects, like utility boxes and septic tank cleanouts, just to name few.

Artificial rocks can also serve as rain collectors. They attach to the rain gutters of your home, but they’re really disguised as common rocks. Nobody will ever know these bogus boulders are actually rain barrels collecting water for the garden. You can hook up your garden hose to the container and dispense the water by hand or through a drip system. This green project is a good way to provide free and renewable water to your plants and veggies. It will help grow the garden and lower your water bill. The barrels hold up to 40 gallons of water and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, plus they’re reasonably priced. The rocks are generally made of lightweight polyurethane or fiberglass for easy maneuverability.



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