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Garden Ponds for Beginners

Adding a garden pond to the backyard can really create an eye popping addition to the landscape. For beginners, garden pond kits are available in most home improvement stores.

Water ponds are perfect for cold and moderate climates. In addition to their beauty, they should contain fish and aquatic plants. Here are some tips and guidelines for that perfect garden pond.

Establish your location

Keeping the water pond close to the house is important. You’ll enjoy it more and they attract other wildlife, like birds and butterflies. Position the pond away from slopes in the yard; the water needs to stay clean. Fertilizers and organic debris like leaves can contaminate the water. Look for sunny areas; the plants will need at least 4 to 6 hours of sun every day to grow and stay healthy.

Use the garden hose

Before any digging takes place get a rough sketch of the pond by using your garden hose as an outline. Some landscapers will use rope and others might even spray paint to mark the ponds shape; a garden hose makes smooth curves.

Ponds are smaller then you think

Remember when building or designing your water pond, after adding plants and rocks, the size of the pond looks much smaller. You can choose a preformed pond that is twice as large as you think you’ll need

Stock it with fish

Maintaining the pond’s health and beauty for years means keeping fish and oxygenating plants. Fish enhance the pond’s beauty and they’re great at eating mosquitoes and bugs. For aquatic plants to be successful, water depth is critical. Most plants will thrive if they have 15”- to 35”-deep water.

Pond needs a slope

Basins holding water will flow slightly downhill to create the necessary end result, which is the pond itself. If your yard has no natural slope you can form a berm of mounded soil. Use the dirt that was excavated to create the berm.

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