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3 Easy Fish Pond Ideas

Adding a fish pond in the backyard can be enchanting and soothing to the soul. Fish ponds can provide good family fun and a place to relax and unwind. These ponds are designed for year-round use, even through the winter. Professional landscapers can install the pond or you can buy a fish pond kit and turn it into a family project. Ponds can even be installed in your home, providing you have the space.

1. Pre-made plastic ponds

How about instant fish pond? Just add water and the fish. Of course you’ll have to do all the groundwork beforehand. Then just insert the pond into the ground and attach the filtration system. Goldfish will do just fine here.

2. Rubber-lined ponds

Shape you own pond design and then cover it with a pliable rubber liner and cut to fit. The hole should be dug out with a shelf for plants and other pond habitat. Once you’ve reached 2-feet with your digging, stop. The rubber liner can be inserted and the folds should relax once the pond is filled with water. A garden pond requires steady sunlight for the plants to grow, but a fish pond can be in partial shade. Another important factor is to maintain water circulation and plumbing. That means keeping the leaves and organic debris out of the skimmer and pump.

3. Cement ponds

On the grand scale of fish ponds, cement ponds are the biggest and the best. They hold more fish and provide a large space of habitat. Koi fish adapt well in larger ponds, these colorful giants need a minimum of three feet of water to flourish. Goldfish on the other hand can live in two-feet of water or both. Keep the water clean with a good filtration system and provide food on a regular basis.



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