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Stone Patio, the Most Elegant of Outdoor Patios

Stone patios are considered the most elegant of outdoor patios. Usually made using natural stone paving stones, they tend to cost more than brick and, especially, concrete pavers because of the cost of the raw material. But if the budget is there, natural stone pavers are an excellent choice. Stone pavers are often part of the more complex patio designs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

When seeking stone pavers, make sure that the product you are choosing is specifically designed for outdoor use on patios. These pavers are fired for longer periods to increase durability under changing weather conditions. Stone pavers will, however, last a lifetime.

Common stones used for stone pavers are granite, limestone, and sandstone. In addition, because stone pavers tend to have wider joints, weeds are more likely to poke through than with brick or concrete pavers. Therefore a sealant is commonly used with stone pavers to prevent plant growth from underneath.

As with all paving materials, but especially so with stone, the more complex the design of your patio, the greater the need for a professional installation. And given the relative high initial cost of natural stone pavers, be sure to consider the cost of installation as well as materials when budgeting a new patio.

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