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Patio Pavers, Open to Variety

Patio pavers, or paving stones, are built from a wide variety of materials, creating a wide array of design and color options. There are several different kinds of paving stones and “patio pavers” simply refer to those specially designed for use in an outdoor patio. Pavers also come in a variety of unique shapes to help individualize each paving project.

Pavers are typically made out of three separate materials: concrete, brick, and stone. Stone pavers may themselves be granite, limestone, sandstone, and more. The number of shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns are so vast that there is a virtually endless line of options. Furthermore, on a trip to the building supply store you may encounter patio-specific pavers, but be advised that just about any paving stone can be used in a patio.

Paver designs include herringbone (very common, formal, and used with brick pavers), circular, random, running bond (laid at an angle), and mixed design among others. Patios built using pavers are generally affordable, durable and easy to repair; unlike concrete, which may crack or split, a broken paver can often be replaced without damaging others. The gaps between pavers also work to eliminate the possibility of cracking.

Versatility remains the most appealing characteristic of patio pavers for homeowners, due simply to the vast array of sizes, shapes and colors.

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