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Solar Landscaping Lights Recharge from the Sun


landscaping lights are popular for many reasons. One of the biggest is the free

energy they provide. Once you’ve paid for the lights, the sun will do the rest.

Needless to say, that’s a huge factor for homeowners and landscapers.

One of

the few drawbacks to solar power is finding enough sunlight in the yard. Solar lights

require a lot of sun to provide 6 to 12 hours of light. Plus, sunlight changes

during the season, in the winter you can expect less light. Shady parts of the

yard don’t provide enough sunlight for long enough periods of time either.


lights use a small solar cell to charge the battery. This is integrated or

manufactured into the fixture. The battery then converts stored energy into

light. If you have tall, mature leafy trees, this will prohibit the amount of sunlight

the solar cell can store. If the batteries don’t receive a regular amount of

sunlight, it can reduce the life of the battery.


with solar lights is no gimmick. They work well in all 50 states, but don’t

expect the same type of bright light as you see from an incandescent bulb.

Solar lights are used in a wide range of capacities and for different purposes.

Here’s a list of popular options for this outdoor light.

Solar spotlights. These lights can accent walls, gardens,

and other specific objects of the yard.


and deck lights. Place as permanent

fixtures around decks and patios.


light fixtures. These lights are great for

traditional pathways, driveways, and landscaping beds.


lights. Very useful as step lights

or walkway lights.


sensors. These solar lights can

replace those old flood lights hanging from the garage and they act just as



lights. Good to use as entryway

or porch light, although some houses may lack proper amount of sunlight.

Decorative. Let your creative

side take over. Solar figurines, stones, statues, thermometers, and solar

fountains are just a few of the options available for an enhanced gardening and

backyard experience.



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