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Your Trees and Shrubs Will Love Greywater

What is greywater? It’s reusable household water that can come from dishwashing, showering, or doing laundry. This wastewater can be reused as irrigation for landscaping.

Greywater has all of the ecological stop gap measures that eclipse other conservation programs. This water source provides great plant nutrients; the tiny bits of compost in the wastewater help fertilize the landscape.

Recycling the water makes sense and your trees and shrubs will thrive with this food source. These systems should be built on a downward slope and function with a drip method of irrigation. These systems are best for moderate climates and reduce the need for chemicals in your garden.

Building a greywater system for landscaping is legal in the state of California and could be used more frequently in the future. Currently established building codes allow for this addition to be built.

Other benefits of greywater usage include:

  1. Conservation of fresh water
  2. Reduced stress of municipal water treatment facility
  3. Top soil becomes heartier and able grow more plants
  4. Reduces the need for chemicals in the landscaping
  5. Groundwater is recharged
  6. Reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrients
  7. Stimulates areas of the landscape for potential growth
  8. Lowers household water cost

Testing of wastewater for use in the home is continuing. A 19-unit housing complex in North Vancouver is using a system designed to treat sink, shower, and laundry water. This wastewater will be redirected for use in the toilet. Ongoing monitoring of the system by city officials, lab analysis, and developers will determine the future of in-home recycled water. For implementing a greywater system of your own, contact us to connect you with free estimates from local landscaping experts in your area.



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