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Sunlight Sensors

Sunlight sensors are usually not so much a sprinkler system product themselves as a feature that comes as part of a rain sensor. Multiple function rain or moisture sensors are often given the more general label of weather sensor or weather station. The sunlight sensing feature measures the rate of evaporation of water after a rain shower so that the sprinkler system will turn back on at the proper time. We can call it a sunlight sensor because evaporation is at its highest during hours of peak sunlight and the sensor knows to save the water for other times when more of it can be harnessed by the lawn and garden.

For some products it will matter where you mount the sensor, for instance a sensor mounted in direct sunlight will have less of a delay between rain shower and sprinkler system activation. High-end models are designed to shade the sensor from direct sunlight so that it can be mounted anywhere.

Sunlight sensors, rain sensors, moisture sensors by any name work to save water, money, and provide for a healthy lawn and garden. Today’s modern sensors are essentially so smart that you can set them and forget them. There are simpler models of course and which one you buy depends largely on your budget and availability to monitor the system yourself. Rain or sunlight sensors will cost anywhere from $30 to $250 depending on available features.

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