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Rainbird, a Fancy Name for a Rotor Sprinkler

The horizontal impact (rotor) sprinkler was invented in 1933 by citrus

farmer Orton Englehardt. He later sold his patent to Clem and Mary LaFetra who

then marketed it under the brand name Rain Bird. So what today is commonly

known as a “rainbird” sprinkler is in actuality not its own type of

sprinkler, but simply an accepted name for an impact rotor sprinkler.

Rainbird sprinklers are known for their horizontal action

and up to 360 degree spin. The body (or just the nozzle) of the sprinkler is

moved in circles as it propels water by an arm that consistently impacts the

sprinkler body. Most of today’s impact sprinklers are gear-driven, meaning that

only the nozzle moves by way of a spring-loaded arm that is pushed back by the

water stream, thus turning the gears (and sprinkler) before springing back to

hit the water stream once more in an ongoing cycle.



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