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Hose Timers Make Watering Easy

Hose timers are a godsend for those homeowners without an underground system. They can erase the hassle of running outside every few hours to turn sprinklers on or off. They are also advantageous for those who live in hot climates where early morning or late night watering is all that makes sense. Hose timers run from the complex, carefree to the simple and more manual product. They can be used to control one or more hose sprinklers as well as drip systems.

Newer timers are ever more sophisticated, with digital readouts and sometimes complex, sometimes easy setup controls depending on the product. Inherently hose sprinkler systems will require more work than full-yard, underground systems unless, of course, your yard is small enough to be watered by one well-placed sprinkler. Still, hose timers can make lift a lot easier on homeowners, especially when you need to leave town for a few days.

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