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Advantages of the Underground Sprinkler System

Underground sprinklers make up the vast majority of

residential sprinkler systems. They offer two distinct advantages: They remain

out of sight, relatively invisible and unobtrusive to the landscape design.

They also remain underground when not in use and therefore out of the way of

lawnmowers and other tools and machinery.

Underground sprinklers may be of the rotor or stationary

variety. They are connected by a series of pipes buried underground and

connected to a main control box where an electric timer controls the release of

water to the system. When the water (pressure) is released, it pushes the

sprinkler head up above ground and the landscape, lawn, or garden is watered.

When the time is up the water supply is cut off and a spring pulls the

sprinkler head back underground.

Underground sprinkler systems are a common DIY

project for homeowners tired of dragging the sprinkler and hose around. Yet

it requires some careful thought and planning, not to mention a good portion of

time. That is why many homeowners choose professional help, especially

for large

lawns or complex landscaping.



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