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Key Principles for Home Watering System Design

As the watering season starts, it’s a good time to get up to date with irrigation design. Here are some key principles of installing a new home watering system for your lawn.

Water Pressure Matters

The first key is using hydraulics to create maximum water pressure available to the sprinkler head. It doesn’t matter how much water you have, what counts is the force it can create. A poorly designed system leaks frequently and wastes water. Successful installation of a home sprinkler system requires strong water pressure that’s manipulated through the correct pipes and valves.

Learning how to control proper flow to each zone is what determines a successful design.

Design Step #1

Accurately measure the lawn and areas that need irrigation. Make an educated guess of flow rate required. How much pressure will be needed to cover this zone? Are you looking for 20 feet of coverage with a 180-degree radius? These projections will serve as points of reference for overlapping coverage of the lawn and vegetation.

Design Step # 2

Bone up on things that will reduce water pressure. Learn how to correct these flow problems. Sprinkler heads, valves, and backwater preventers can all reduce the performance of your water system. Do your homework and ask the professionals about how to piece together these products to match your design needs.

Design Step #3

Start dividing your sprinkler system into zones. Arrange piping on the ground to get a rough draft. This process will help you understand where the water is going and where it came from. Some plants may require more water, while others may need less. Understanding this is crucial to building a streamlined and effective watering system.

Design Step # 4

As you dig the trenches, continue to refer to your original pipe routes. Sidewalks and fences may have been forgotten in the original specs. These are hard-to-negotiate obstacles; make sure the piping has a straight shot when going underneath sidewalks. While you’re at it, consider an automatic timer for convenience and water conservation.



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