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Hydrating Your Garden Plants


it comes to gardens, the easiest watering method is to use a drip

irrigation system. This technique delivers water directly to the

perennials roots and not to undesirable weeds. A drip system is easy to

install, can usually be operated in water-restricted areas, and ensures

a healthy garden.


typical victory or vegetable garden requires hydration deep into the

root system. A drip system is ideal for this type of work. Hand

watering usually doesn’t seep far enough into the ground before

evaporating. Automatic sprinklers use more water and need to run longer

to be effective. Using a drip system hooked-up to a rain barrel is efficient and saves water. Harvested rain water doesn’t contain any chemicals and is a great choice for the vegetable or herb garden.


hand watering the garden is your only choice, you can improve coverage

by using a longer rubber/vinyl hose. Nozzles and sprayers can also come

in handy on delicate plants. For potted plants, use drip irrigation

kits. These specialty items

are available at greenhouses and home improvement stores. They’ll keep

plants hydrated, even if you forget to. They have built-in reservoirs

of low-flow water; just remember to fill the water basin.





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