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Drip Irrigation with a Soaker Hose

The soaker hose method is the simplest form of drip irrigation. A soaker hose is a flexible hose with several tiny slits cut into it, sometimes barely visible without bending the hose. Under the pressure of water flow, these slits will open to allow small amounts of water to drip directly onto the soil around your plants. Before connecting and using soaker hose, connect a backflow preventer to the hose bib (some newer bibs have this feature built in) to stop contaminates from getting into your water supply.

Soaker hoses are sold in lengths up to 100 feet, which is plenty long enough for most residential applications. A garden hose may be used to connect the soaker hose to the spigot so that you don’t waste water getting to the garden. Solid lines and fittings are also available for connecting different landscape beds to each other without losing water.

Soaker hoses prefer level ground to work best. You will either need a pressure regulator or get to know the valve on your spigot so that you are not sending water through the line at too high a pressure. Timers are also available for a more no-worries application. Flush the soaker hose (by removing the end cap) a few times during each watering season to keep it clear of debris.

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