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Garden Trees

Flower gardens are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home and landscaping by adding eye-catching color and texture. What’s even better is augmenting the beauty of your flower garden with trees.

Small ornamental trees, well-placed within a garden, can add a significant and stately effect by heightening your garden and adding even more texture and color. The key is to find the trees that give the desired effect and that mingle nicely with your flowers.

When deciding upon which types of trees to include in your flower bed, give some consideration to your garden goals. Are you looking for something that blooms colorful berries or flowers? Do you want something that will stay green year round? Will the trees provide the right amount of shade for some of your flowers that thrive in shady areas?

Also consider any drawbacks that trees might have in your landscaping. Most likely you’ll want to stay away from trees that drop a significant amount of needles or leaves on your garden or that will become too tall or create too much shade on plants that need full sunlight.

Generally speaking, garden trees are very low maintenance and can provide tremendous aesthetic benefits for many years with very little work required on your part.

Flowering Trees

Many small trees provide beautiful blooms at different times of the year. If you’re looking to bring a bounty of blooms up to eye level, give some thought to adding dogwood trees, ornamental pear trees, rhododendron, or forsythia shrubs to your garden.

Before making any purchases, though, be sure to do a little research on the needs of these trees to make sure that they will be able to thrive in your geographic area. Especially in the case of the forsythia, be sure to know how to care for them to keep them looking nice.

Forsythias are very prolific and can quickly outgrow your garden and become a large tangled mess. They’re breathtaking with their numerous yellow blooms, but they can get out of hand quickly if not cut back properly and often.

Evergreen Shrubs

If you desire to have a garden that offers rich color and texture all year long, think about adding some evergreen shrubs. Many of them offer gorgeous deep green hues that look elegant in any season.

Boxwoods, cypress, holly, mistletoe, and azaleas are a few great varieties of shrubs or bushes that look great all year long - they boost the beauty of your flowers by adding a rich background during the summer and have a festive quality during the winter season.

Small Shade Trees

While shade trees can provide a nice cool oasis on a hot summer day, you don’t want a 40-foot monster looming in your flower garden. Luckily there are several small shade trees that will increase the aesthetics of your garden while providing a bit of shade for smaller plants.

Some of the most popular of the small shade trees are maple varieties like the Amur and Japanese maple, both of which has very pretty and distinctive red leaves. The Paperback and Korean maples also make great shade trees for gardens.

If your shade trees start to get too tall, find out how to prune them properly so that they begin to branch out instead of up.

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