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Front Yard Patio Ideas

Front yards seem to have one purpose: accessibility. We walk in the front door and leave through the front door, and that’s about it. The little time we spend in the front yard is usually to pick up the newspaper or pull a few weeds. We don’t usually put a lot of thought into our front yards save for the walkway and landscaping.

There are many ways to enhance a front yard with landscaping, but if you want to increase the value of your property, add an outdoor room for leisure, create privacy, and add tons of curb appeal, then consider building a front yard patio.


Your patio should blend with the architectural style of your home and the landscaping. Common materials used for front yard patios are brick, adobe, travertine pavers, flagstone, fieldstone, bluestone, tile, concrete pavers, and gravel. You can also mix the materials (e.g., brick and slate). Concrete is another option, and it’s affordable. Dress up concrete by adding mosaic tiles or adding a brick border. Another popular option with concrete is enhancing it with stains.


Planting a hedge around your patio not only adds privacy it also helps buffer traffic noise and gives you a nice natural wall that you can use as a backdrop for other plant groupings.

Building a wall around your patio, whether from wood, brick, stone, or concrete creates visual depth and, like a privacy hedge, it allows for more gardening opportunities. To help screen traffic noise, include a wall fountain with calming trickling water.

Bring the Outdoors In

Is your dining room at the front of your house? Take out that picture window and add French doors to lead out to your patio. If your dining room is paved with terra cotta, use the same material for the patio to extend and blend.

To Gate or Not to Gate

Gates add more character, especially custom artistic gates. They add privacy. They’re borderline magical. But, they can also give the felling of being “boxed-in.” If you’re torn between having a gate or not consider an iron gate or a gate built out of lattice.

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