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Front Yard Landscaping for Balance, Texture, and Color

How you landscape the front yard says a lot about you. It’s private or welcoming; it’s contemporary or full of color and cheery. It’s also the first impression your guests and passers-by have. With proper planning you’ll create a front yard masterpiece that will add beauty and value rather than a mishmash of plants that take away from your property’s value.

Creating curb appeal involves much more than putting plants in the ground. It takes planning, soil conditioning, proper irrigation, addressing themes and styles, finding color schemes, etc. And, once your garden is planted, you’ll need a solid fertilizing plan to keep your plants healthy.

Once you have your garden theme or style you’ll want to choose plants with color that will complement your home.

Color Spectrum

The spectrum used in landscape design is dived into four categories:

  • Primary: reds, yellows, and blues
  • Secondary: greens, violets (purples), and oranges
  • Tertiary: mixtures of the primary and secondary categories
  • Neutral: white, grays, and silvers

You’ll be setting the mood of your yard with the colors you choose (e.g., blue hues are calming while warm colors add stimulation). Design your plan with the four seasons in mind for color changes throughout the year.


The shape of the plant is also an important factor when designing your landscaping plan. The plant can be spreading, upright, or weeping, it can be tall and narrow or short and oval – basically the shape and structure of a plant or a mass of plants.


How you arrange your plants and their borders will determine eye movement or flow; this is called line. Curvy lines create a gentle and natural feeling.

Relation to other plants

Proper scale equals balance. Scale refers to the size of an object or objects in relation to surrounding plants or structures.


Texture is a very important element as it covers everything from walkways, patios, and the exterior of your home to groundcover and plants. You can really wake up a garden by implementing various textures such as woody plants, twiggy plants, and plants with various leaf surfaces: glossy, dull, rough, smooth.

Planning your garden is the biggest step and the most difficult. To achieve balance in color, texture, scale, and line you may want to seek the advice of a landscape architect – it will be money well spent and a good investment in your home’s overall value.


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