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Ideas to Create a Backyard Haven

The front yard has its place, but the backyard is where the sanctuary is for many homeowners. Any number of ideas and improvements can be bantered about to perk up your backyard haven, but it really comes down to individual tastes.

From Flower Beds to Outdoor Cookin’

The idea can be as simple as planting a couple of trees and adding some well-placed flower beds. Other additions like gazebos, redwood decks, and hot tubs can really enhance the backyard experience. However, if you have the means and desire, nothing beats the sizzle of cooking a meal in the great outdoors. Cooking in the backyard with a fully stocked outdoor kitchen adds a whole new meaning to eating out.

The Backyard is a Blank Canvas

To others, landscaping is revered as an artform. Here, the backyard is merely a clean canvas to their dreams. These gardening gurus manage to balance flower gardens, rose gardens, stone pathways, and various types of indigenous trees, bushes, creeping vines, and ivy, all in a masterful mix.

It’s All in the Dirt

Adding and subtracting just the right amount of natures finest to create the perfect kaleidoscope of colors is amazing. Hall of Fame golfer Ben Hogan once said: “The secret’s in the dirt”. At the time, he was talking about the perfect golf swing, but you could easily make that correlation to a successful gardener. Yes, the secret is in the dirt, isn’t it?

To start down this path, make blueprints for your perfect backyard garden. Map out flower beds, tree locations, and pathways; this will help you focus on where to put certain plants and flowers. At the same time, think about plotting out locations for automatic sprinkler heads.

Once these major tasks are out of the way, consider adding layers of native plants, shrubs, and bushes to fill in the gaps. Later on you might want to add a pond or water fall; this can be a tremendous centerpiece to any naturalized backyard garden.

Get Exotic with a Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are widely used in America, mainly in alpine settings or mountainous areas. This garden idea produces a calming effect on the visitor. They are dominated by rock formations and low amounts of vegetation. Other characteristics include brightly colored flowering trees, splendid flower arrangements, and a traditional pond. A stone path will lead you over an intricate bridge and into a customary tea house. Most people don’t go this far, but it’s a different idea and could be well worth it in the end.



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