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Beautiful Backyards Take Planning

The final step in your backyard landscaping project is to find appropriate growing spaces for new flowers, plants, and trees. Or if you’re building a sunken patio or fire pit, these things require planning as well, but not as much.

With softscaping there can be some surprises, so let’s concentrate on that. Plotting out flower beds, tree locations, and pathways can be sketched out beforehand or you can create as you go along. With flowers and plants, one of the top priorities is to separate the full sun plants from full shade plants. Take that into consideration when you add beds or boarders.

Another important tip is to understand how much space plants need as they mature. If planted too close together, they’ll crowd each other out and most likely die. Other questions are likely to come up as well. How tall will the rose bushes get? What color are those flowers going to be when they bloom? Can they survive in partial shade? Those are the typical questions you’ll be facing as you plan. Try to answer them before you start digging holes.

A plant’s information can always be found on its tag or by asking the nursery expert. That’s their field of expertise and they usually give great advice.

Once the softscaping is completed and the plants are in position, you could still be facing other logistical questions. Do you need an automatic watering system? Is there need for a path or even a gazing pond? If you really want the item and can use it, then add it to the plan, but make sure all the elements are in place to make it work.

Using an automatic sprinkler system, for instance, can be instrumental to the garden’s success and enjoyment. The same goes for a pathway. But it’s debatable if your backyard needs or requires a gazing pond. Having a good plan comes down to deciding what the design needs and can sustain; everything else must take a backseat. This clear plan makes the planting and digging less random and hopefully a little easier.

Get your landscaping work done by a skilled professional! Discuss your plans with preferred landscaping contractors.

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