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Backyard Design, Tips for Success

Strong landscaping design is crucial to the overall success of the backyard. Even if you’re planting a few trees and building up some flower beds, you’re still designing.

It’s important to understand the details of design. Knowing a plant’s needs for water and sun is only half of the battle. The other half may boil down to personal taste. It would be bizarre and ridiculous to try and grow palms trees in North America, but people do, even though palms are indigenous to more tropical zones. This design method happens in our own backyards. Many plants and flowers that don’t belong in this climate are planted, simply because we like them. Chalk it up as a lifestyle choice.

Since there are so many styles and approaches for the right backyard, ask yourself a question: What do I use this space for and how would I enjoy it? Some of the most popular backyard ideas happen to be hardscaping choices. From sunken patios to fire pits, these choices revolve around the homeowner’s lifestyle. The same can be said about redwood decks and hot tubs. While these features make the backyard experience more enjoyable and easier to maintain, good design plans are still required for a perfect result.

Softscaping reflects a more artistic approach to the backyard. An English garden with its form fitting hedges and well groomed rose gardens can be living art. The best designs rely on correct form, lines, and color schemes. Many of the same principles of basic art transfer into backyard design. Now having an artistic flare is important but knowing where all of the plants will grow is crucial. As you collect ideas, consider shade, partial shade, and full sun areas. You’ll need to match like plants and flowers in these locations.

Also consider where a path should be built and where benches might be placed. Trees are a natural component, not only for the shade they provide but they’ll also act as a wind break when they mature. Just having an understanding of design concepts is all you really need. The next step is planning and looking at pictures.



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