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Robinhood Kitchen Hoods

So maybe they’re not riding through Sherwood Forest, righting wrongs and giving all their money to the poor, but they are doing a great job in a different line of work. The team of Robinhood is committed to design excellence in products that make life easier, cleaner and far more enjoyable.

The full line of Robinhood range hoods displays that modern flair, usually with bright stainless steel finishes and crisp lines—minimalist, yet elegant.


  • Robinhood range hoodsThe innovative touch-screen technology controls of the Robinhood kitchen hoods are an element of perfection in and of themselves. The back-lit screen allows ease of sight in dimmer settings, and cleaning is easier, too. Comes with one-touch adjustable extraction rate and illumination level.
  • Fluorescent lighting is an option for each kitchen hood. The bright penetrating whiteness of these lamps gives an illumination level that exceeds most traditional lighting methods. These inventive fluorescent lamps are dimmable.
  • High-powered super silent fans.


Robinhood range hoodsIn addition to offering the standard array of wall-mounted kitchen hoods and island-mounted hoods, Robinhood has also designed unique features in kitchen hood technology. One of them is called Tilterhood. Mounted above the range, it looks like a cupboard, but it’s actually a retractable rangehood. The unit automatically turns on when pulled into place.

Similar in inspiration is the slideout rangehood line, a built-in range hood that takes up just a bit of space, but offers the same amount of power. Lights and motor immediately turn on when the unit is pulled out. Other units, like the Powerpack rangehood line, are completely concealed underneath the cabinet. The only way you notice it is by the freshness and cleanliness of your kitchen.

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