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Rangecraft Kitchen Hood

Helmut Goetz is a coppersmith, and for thirty years, he has been leveraging his forte on an impressive and unique form of art: kitchen hoods. The style of Rangecraft is mostly European and some designs, such as the Baroque style, suggest a bygone era.

True to the founder’s passion, much of the Rangecraft products are made from copper. The copper finish provides a unique and eye-catching appearance. However, the kitchen hoods can be made from nearly any metal and in any color depending upon your preference.


  • Rangecraft kitchen hoodsHigh-powered, silent-operation, hood-mounted blowers from 600-1200 CFM
  • Patented “micro” baffle filters
  • Halogen lighting with on/off switches and optional dimmers or variable light settings
  • Finish options in antique copper, antique hammered copper, blackened still, mirror copper, non-directional copper, brushed stainless steel, non-directional stainless steel and antique brass.


Rangecraft kitchen hoodsRangecraft offers 30 distinct designs—all unique, and all artistic. Some, such as the Madison Box Hood, feature a modern design with sleek stainless steel finish, clean lines and distinct corners. Other designs like the Rococo display an old-style appearance with dramatic curves and sweeping lines. All designs can be wall-mounted or island-mounted.


Rangecraft also offers range hoods made-to-order. You can create your own innovative design—something that matches your personality, individual style and creative taste. They will try to make it for you. To begin the inspiration, select from joint styles, rivets, buttons, bands and pot racks to develop the exact hood that you want.

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