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Metallo Arts Kitchen Hoods

One may think it odd to name a kitchen appliance manufacturing company with the word “art.” That is, until you survey the Metallo Arts product. Shocking, fascinating, eye-catching, expensive and unique are all insufficient attempts to describe this avant-garde variety of range hoods.

Metallo Arts Range Hoods are the creative genius of one man, Christopher Plummer. His company, CLP Design, is a company of artists. They design products with an eye for beauty, expression and awe. They imbue each design with a commitment to quality durability. They want their works of art to last for a very long time. They think that if a product will not last for 200 years, it is not worth making at all.Metallo arts kitchen hoods That is why they use some of the thickest, toughest and most long-lasting varieties of materials available to mankind.

Because of these qualities, the home improvement DIY-er looking to find an easy-to-pick, easy-to-afford kitchen hood should not consider Metallo Arts. These masterpieces are for the ultimate connoisseur.


Any description of the style of Metallo Arts Kitchen Hoods is inadequate, since the brand cannot be described with any one style. The styles are legion. Yet the brand as a whole appeals to the bon vivant due to its high cost and art-quality design. For example, one hood is inspired by Jackson-Pollock, and looks just like one of his paintings. Another looks like a shield design from a medieval knight.


  • Avant-garde designs
  • Artistic attention
  • Exclusively custom-madeMetallo arts kitchen hoods

Product Lines

In addition to the exclusive custom-made line of products, Metallo Arts also produces two specific hood designs in slightly larger quantities. This is due to the overwhelming popularity of these specific styles, Cézanne and Botticelli. They are available in semi-gloss black, cream and stainless steel.

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