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Fujioh Kitchen Hoods

From its technologically advanced source in Japan design centers, Fujioh produces beautiful vent systems for all kitchen styles.


Fujioh has not sacrificed style for functionality. A range hood can be one of the most noticeable features of a kitchen, especially for kitchen island varieties. Thus, Fujioh offers a wide selection for any taste. Though their style tends toward the contemporary, they also offer wood hoods, and because of their partnership with major cabinetmakers, Fujioh allows for custom design in any style.


Fujioh kitchen range hoods
  • High output halogen lights (35-50 watt)
  • 3-speed switch with pilot lamp
  • Rectifier Baffle Panel technology slows smoke speed, providing for more smoke capture than conventional features. Fan uses a lower and more energy-efficient CFM.
  • Dishwasher-safe aluminum slot filter, or silicon-coated aluminum filter
  • Silent (4-6 sones)
  • Powerful 600CFM motor


Fujioh is a trailblazer in the kitchen hood industry. Not content to follow the status quo, they have developed new styles of their very own. They design an exclusive hood design that matches the look of a refrigerator or dishwasher. In addition, they constantly invent new motor styles and innovative products. One of these is the Sirocco Fan, a virtually noiseless vent fan that not only has a stronger discharge power, but also uses one-third less power than conventional fans. They have also invented the Turbo Fan, a centrifugal style fan which works in conjunction with a ventilating duct to completely eliminate odors.


  • Pro series
  • Under cabinet models
  • Blowers
  • Commercial series

Photo Credit: Fujioh

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