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Fantech Kitchen Hoods

Fantech is a company that knows how to move air around. Their slogan is “ventilation solutions,” and since 1987, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing through research, innovation and manufacturing. Now, with plants in Sarasota, Florida and Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada, the company is expanding.

An Innovative Solution

Fantech manufactures fans of all varieties, but one of their most innovative products is the kitchen hood. In fact, Fantech is a leader in the remote fan hood liner product. One of the challenges of designing effective kitchen hoods is creating sufficient power without creating undue noise. One way to avoid this problem is to develop kitchen hoods with fans located elsewhere in the house, where the noise will not be a problem—locations like the roof.

Fantech fans employ a rigid duct system to vent air using a powerful inline fan, located near the fan’s exit duct in the roof. The result is a fan that is more powerful and much quieter at its source than any other fan on the market. Each fan is equipped with a sophisticated silencer close to the actual remote vent, which keeps the fan sound from ever reaching your kitchen. Apart from the fact that your range stays far cleaner, you’ll never know the hood is on.Fantech kitchen range hoods

Other Features

  • Dimmable Halogen lights
  • 100% adjustable fan speed
  • Washable aluminum filters
  • Low-profile

Other Options

  • FX series—rugged galvanized steel housing and baked enamel finish; ideal for commercial kitchens
  • FKD Series—a combination centrifugal and axial fan applications
  • For condos or apartments with limited in-roof space, Fantech’s RVF and RE Series Fans place the motor on top of the roof or vent area

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