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Choose Glass Kitchen Sinks for Relegated Tasks

Glass sinks are traditionally rare in the kitchen for rather
obvious reasons. The daily wear and tear, including the heat and clang of pots
and pans, is typically too dangerous for a material as fragile as glass. The
most popular and elegant glass sinks are usually
vessel bathroom
sinks. However, glass is making an effort to invade the
kitchen in the age of island sinks and prep sinks.

Glass does have the advantage of diversity in color. For
instance, one glass kitchen sink from Oceana
comes in 17 different colors. Because of strength constraints, glass
sinks are forced to be smaller than those made of other popular materials like porcelain
or stainless steel. For use as a main kitchen sink, you would likely have to
buy two separate sinks to form a double-bowl scenario (glass sinks are
typically undermount). For these reasons, glass kitchen sinks are better
relegated as task sinks (island, vegetable sink, etc.).

Glass sinks are traditionally rare in the kitchen. However, many homeowners are drawn to the beauty of the glass sink and typically use them as relegated task sinks in different areas of the kitchen. If you’re considering glass sinks for your own cook space, we have the facts to get you started.


Glass sinks can range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the materials used, size, and customization. Get a price quote on a minor kitchen remodel for more cost information.


Glass sinks work great as relegated task sinks (island, vegetable sink, etc.).

Can be a beautiful, high-end addition to any kitchen.

Glass sinks come in a variety of different colors.


Two glass sinks would have to be installed to form a double-bowl sink.

Because of strength constraints, glass sinks are made smaller than sinks of other materials.

Glass sinks cannot withstand the heat and clang of pots and pans.


Glass is certainly not the most durable material for a kitchen sink, and would undoubtedly undergo some serious damage if it was the primary sink in a kitchen. Glass sinks can hold up rather well as relegated task sinks, but special care should be taken to ensure their longevity.


With its tendency to show fingerprints, water spots, and other stains, glass sinks require regular maintenance. To clean, wipe down the sink with a non-abrasive cloth and a cleaning solution of either vinegar and water, or soap and water. Wipe the sink regularly to keep water spots from forming on the surface.

Common Questions and Answers

Is there any way to repair glass sinks if they have been chipped or cracked?

No, unfortunately if a glass sink is chipped or cracked, the entire sink should be replaced, as the damage will generally get worse. A glass sink can end up being a very expensive kitchen addition.

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