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Mold Your Concrete Sinks Into Your Own Elegant Artpiece

Concrete brings amazing versatility to the kitchen sink.
Because concrete is so moldable a homeowner can literally pour their sink into
any possible shape—square, rectangle, oval, round—and that’s just where
the options start. Integral concrete sinks are formed as part of the
countertop, that is concrete and countertop create one seamless structure. You
just can’t get any more sleek than that. These strong lines that only a
concrete sink can create add style and elegance to any kitchen.

Colors are no obstacle either. Beyond the traditional
grayish hue of concrete, the color palette heads off in all directions from tan
to red to green, white, and beyond. Every concrete sink contractor will offer
their own array of standard colors as well as premium colors and the option of
creating custom colors to suit your desires. Contractors’ individual color
recipes, including differences in concrete mix, pigments, stains and aggregate,
guarantee that every concrete sink will be one of a kind.

Concrete sinks, like any other concrete product, is subject
to hairline cracks depending on the character of the concrete itself. Concrete
sinks are always sealed to a water and stain resistant finish. Concrete sinks
also will require some maintenance in the form of waxing every few months.
Bleach and harsh abrasives may damage the concrete as well as repeated
subjection to high heat (i.e., cookie sheets directly out of the oven/hot pots
and pans).

When it comes to durability of building materials, concrete certainly tops the list. Now this versatile material is finding its way into the kitchen in the form of beautiful sinks and countertops. Here’s the lowdown on concrete sinks and what they can bring to your kitchen.


The costs of kitchen sinks depend on the material and level of craftsmanship involved in the construction. Get a couple free price quotes on minor kitchen remodels for specific cost information.


Concrete sinks can be formed as part of the countertop to create one seamless structure.

Come in a variety of colors, from gray to red.

Concrete can be molded into any possible shape, e.g. square, rectangle, oval, and more.


Bleach and harsh abrasives may damage the concrete, as well as repeated subjection to high heat.

Concrete sinks are subject to hairline cracks.

Require regular waxing.


In any of its forms, concrete is one of the most durable building materials in the world. A concrete sink can undoubtedly stand the test of time, and will continue to look great for decades with the proper care and maintenance.


Besides requiring waxing every few months, concrete sinks are generally easy to care for. Simply wipe down the sink with a non-abrasive cloth and cleaning solution of soap and water. Make sure to regularly inspect for cracks in the concrete as well.

Common Questions and Answers

Does concrete stain?

Yes, concrete can stain, but concrete sinks are sealed to make them water- and stain-resistant.


The use of concrete sinks followed shortly after Buddy Rhodes created the first concrete countertop in the mid 1980s.

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