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U-Shaped Kitchen Plan

u-shaped kitchen plan

A u-shaped kitchen design is like a corridor or galley kitchen with a closed end, which gives extra room for a stove or sink. While this type of kitchen requires plenty of floor space – a minimum of 8 ft. by 8 ft. – this arrangement maintains good work flow because it utilizes the classic kitchen triangle.

Explained simply, the classic kitchen triangle regulates work flow with three “points” of the triangle being the sink, stove/oven, and refrigerator allowing the cook to move easily and quickly from one point to another. In a u-shaped kitchen, the three major appliances should each be placed on one side of the U.

With this plan, at least 10 feet of width should be provided at the base of the “U” for ample counter and storage space. The only real drawback of this type of layout on a smaller scale is that it can be difficult for more than one cook because two or more people will find themselves jockeying for position, or bumping into each other.

But there are ways to deal with this. For instance, putting a table at the opening to the U can not only add seating for the family to gather, visit with the cook or to fulfill a cooking function, for example, slicing and dicing vegetables. That way, people can help the cook without getting in the way. Another option for this shape of plan is to open up one side of the U and put bar stools on the other side of a countertop.

It’s also important to pay especially careful attention to the u-shaped kitchen design because contemporary kitchens have more than three major appliances. We now have garbage compactors, microwave ovens, small appliance docking areas and fancy coffee making equipment. And we often also include fairly complex trash recycling and sorting containers. And what about Fido’s food and water bowls? One way to deal with this is to open up a half-wall to open the room to an adjacent space. There you can design an area for the trash sorting and put the pet bowls out of the way. This area might also double as a mudroom with cubbies and hooks for storage.

Among the top three most popular kitchen layouts, the U-shaped kitchen is a versatile option that uses the kitchen triangle quite well. Here’s some information to help you decide if it’s right for you.


The cost of creating your own U-shaped kitchen layout depends entirely on the materials used, size of the floor plan, and labor. Whether you want it to be on the higher end or lower end is entirely up to you.


This is one multifunctional layout that can usually accommodate a kitchen island as well.

Allows for more than one window in the design and plenty of natural lighting.

Best suited for large kitchens, the U-shaped kitchen layout provides ample storage and counter space.


The U-shape doesn’t always work well if there is more than one cook in the kitchen.

If used in a smaller space, this layout can eat up a lot of extra square footage.

Not efficient for kitchens under 10 feet wide.


Common Questions and Answers

How should the kitchen triangle be utilized in a U-shaped layout?

It’s best to place the three elements of the kitchen triangle (sink, stove/oven and fridge) at the base of the “U,” unless it is a bigger floor plan with an island in the middle. In that case, one of the three elements should be housed by the island.

How can the U-shaped layout be made to work with two or more cooks?

It’s all about providing extra work space for the second cook. Keep that space out of the way of the three major appliances. Also consider adding a kitchen table at the opening of the “U,” or bar stools at one of the countertops, to be used during prep ti


As storage needs increased, more and more kitchens across the country began installing the u-shaped layout. Today it remains one of the top three kitchen layout choices.

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