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Single Wall Kitchen

single wall kitchen plan

The single-wall kitchen plan is normally found in smaller homes, vacation homes and apartments. While it does not utilize the classic kitchen triangle, its linear design still allows for unimpeded traffic flow. The single-wall plan adapts well to a family room or open plan arrangement.

This type of kitchen is ideal for very small kitchens but requires careful planning to maximize workspace and efficiency because this is the least functional plan. For example, it is best to use appliances that are as narrow as possible or specially-designed combination units that, for example, contain a stove top and sink with a dishwasher below.

Storage space is always difficult in a small kitchen. If possible, use specialized storage, such as a separate full storage or pantry unit. This plan might be supplemented with a nearby closet converted to kitchen storage space while mobile kitchen carts provide extra work space. One layout that is particularly ideal for the one-wall kitchen is when a casual dining table is placed opposite the single-walled kitchen. This way, ingredients can be assembled and prepared, and plates can be placed on the table and food served directly on them and stacked on the table before washing.

Other ways to maximize space is to relocate or eliminate doors or windows and consider removing a dividing wall to make one large room. To make this variation work best, you should employ light colors, no pattern or small patterns, and minimize rough textures and contrast in your kitchen design. In addition to ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights should also be employed to maximize surface lighting. As with any small space, light should be used to eliminate shadows.

If you have to have this type of plan, consider placing the sink in the center with the oven and refrigerator on opposite sides. A common mistake is to put only 8” to a foot between appliances, which provides little space for any function besides filling a glass with drinks from the refrigerator. So, make sure you have enough space between appliances.

If you live in a small home or apartment, then the single-wall plan may be the most viable kitchen layout option for you. Though it can easily become cramped and dysfunctional, with the right planning and design scheme it can work just fine in the space you already have. Here’s what you need to know.


Because this plan is typically used in smaller spaces, it should cost less than larger layouts. The total cost will depend entirely on the size of the kitchen, type of materials used, and the cost of labor. If you need specific cost estimates, contact a kitchen installer in your area.


Adapts well to a family room or open plan arrangement.

Ideal design for smaller homes, vacation homes and apartments.

The linear design in a single-wall kitchen allows for unimpeded traffic flow.


Since this plan doesn’t use the kitchen triangle, it is the least functional layout.

Storage space is generally hard to come by with the single-wall kitchen.

Appliances should be combined (e.g. stovetop with a dishwasher below) to allow enough room for cooking.


Common Questions and Answers

What is the best way to decorate a single wall kitchen so that it doesn’t appear small and cramped?

It’s best to use light colors, either no patterns or small patterns, and minimize rough textures and contrast. Also, under-cabinet lights should be in

What is the best layout for kitchen appliances?

Consider placing the sink in the center with the oven and refrigerator on opposite sides. A common mistake is to put only 8” to 12” between appliances, which provides too little space for any function.

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