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It’s often been said that kitchens are the hub of family life. Not only do we cook there, but Americans can often be found sitting and reading at the kitchen counter or nook, entertaining guests, chatting with friends, struggling through homework assignments and making special arts and crafts projects.

With all of this extra time spent in the kitchen, it’s vital that this focal point of the home has ample lighting. Good lighting is essential for healthy vision, and what’s more - it brings life to the room. Lighting show off the great features you’ve installed there.

Be sure to find a solution that’s not going to break the bank, either in purchases and installation or monthly utility bills. Natural light is always a great place to start. Look for parts of the home where you could add or expand windows and skylights to let in more natural light. You should also consider solar tubes, which tunnels sunlight through a tube from your rooftop into the kitchen ceiling.

Of course, natural light will only get you so far; You’ll need a backup plan by nightfall. The choices are vast: fluorescent tubes, halogen bulbs, energy efficiency bulbs, pendant fixtures, chandeliers, lighted ceiling fans, sconces, ceiling mounted fixtures, wall mounted fixtures, and many more.

No matter what you choose, take into account which areas need the most light and for what purposes. Choose lighting fixtures that will allow you to see clearly as you cook and clean, put a spotlight on decorative features that you want to show off and add a softer illumination for eating areas. You can learn more information from our kitchen library, which is sure to shed some light on the topic at hand.

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