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Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen fixtures are like pieces of jewelry you graciously give your kitchen to wear. They are the fitting, often shiny, accents on the overall theme presented by kitchen countertops, cabinets and flooring.

Kitchen lights, faucets and occasionally sinks are the primary fits into the kitchen fixtures category. It is debatable (although not that important) whether sinks belong in a category all their own. Indeed, a completely brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen is literally useless without its fixtures. There’s no boiling pasta without a faucet, and there’s no doing much of anything without a light fixture.

The following library articles will explore the ins and outs of kitchen fixtures. These include faucets and lighting, but also extend to other fixtures, such as garbage disposals, water filters, and of course, everything wouldn’t be everything without the kitchen sink. While light fixtures and faucets are ninety percent of what you’ll find in the virtual world of kitchen fixtures, the choices therein are vast and have that ability, recurrent as it is among remodeling projects, to make a tornado out of your brain waves. And as the aptly named Dorothy Gale might’ve said (if she’d warped into a Lowe’s commercial), it’s time for kitchens, faucets and lighting, Oh My!

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