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Modernize your Kitchen with a Refrigerator Upgrade

Upgrading the refrigerator

could make a world of difference in your utility bill and help modernize the

kitchen. The refrigerator uses one sixth of all electricity in the home –

that’s the most of any home appliance.

Today’s refrigerators use

about 60 percent less electricity than the units from 20 years ago and they’ll

continue to pay for themselves as energy costs rise. If you have an old style, inefficient

refrigerator you, may be losing $300 a year in lost energy costs. But before

you start shopping around, consult the Energy Star database to

find the highest energy efficient models available.

The “fridge” comes in many

forms. From the mini-fridge you might see in the work place to the exclusive

and very posh French Door refrigerator. It has great storage space, a freezer in

the bottom rack, and qualifies as an Energy Star


In-between the low and high

end models is the side-by-side refrigerator. They call it that because the

freezer is on the side. It’s smaller than the French Door unit but it has many

of the same features, like an automatic ice-maker and water dispenser. It’s

also Energy Star efficient and medium priced.

With several choices

available, here are some guidelines to follow when searching for a smarter


  1. Refrigerators with a freezer on the bottom or top are the most energy efficient. They use approximately 16 percent less electricity than their counterparts.
  2. Through-the-door ice makers are convenient, but they use more electricity.
  3. Manuel defrost refrigerators use half the power of an automatic defrost unit. However, it must be defrosted regularly to remain energy efficient.
  4. Can’t decide on the size of the refrigerator? Compare each model’s energy guide and go from there.





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