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Catch On to Some Smart Dishwashing

The latest dishwashers are

energy efficient and water saving—good investments for people tired of

washing their own dishes or looking for more proficient

washers. Smarter dishwashers are catching on some with more success than


One such dishwasher is the “Marvelous Machine”

by Gaggeneau. It’s made in Germany and

comes equipped with sensors that inspects wash water and adds clean water when

needed. This process saves a little over a gallon of water per load. It also uses

highly effective water spraying methods that clean dishes more efficiently.

Then there’s the Mini-Cooper of dishwashers. The countertop electronic dishwasher from Danby stands 17-inches tall. It may look like a microwave, but

it can wash four place settings at a time. It was introduced in 2004 and comes

with an Energy Star rating.

The Touchtronic Platinum Anniversary dishwasher is built for heavy duty jobs. It

looks like a steel safe but is capable of washing 14 place settings at one time.

This brawny washer has a special feature that super heats water for cleaner


There’s also the “Suds-Free” dishwasher from

Australia. This prototype became

reality in 2006. Alexandra Gilmour, a

design student from Sydney, introduced the unique dishwasher. This eco-friendly

contraption uses high-temperature steam as its primary cleaning agent.





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