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Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen becomes a kitchen by virtue of its appliances. Therefore, it’s important that you choose your appliances carefully. The wrong appliance choice could lead to an unhappy kitchen experience, a clashing kitchen, or a quickly outdated kitchen.

Be sure to keep these in mind:

How it Looks. At the basic level, it’s got to look nice. In other words, your new appliance has to correspond with or complement your other kitchen appliances, cabinetry, flooring, countertop, etc. Stainless is in style now, and is a great general choice, but you may wish to explore other colors, too.

How it Works. This is a very important consideration since energy efficiency is key. Energy Star certified appliances will dramatically lower your energy bill. Keep this in mind as you eye that 75-cubic foot refrigerator. Stoves and ovens are another area where operation is an important factor. Making the decision between gas or electric has a lot to do with how you cook and what you’re used to.

How it Lasts. Cheaper is not always better. Durability is key. Consider an appliance’s life expectancy. Consider investing in an appliance that will last long enough to get some good use out of it.

How it Sizes. Kitchens come in every shape and size. Be sure that your appliance choice matches the size of your kitchen. It may be important, for example, to have your oven installed within the cabinetry, or you may wish to have an under-cabinet kitchen vent.

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