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Wood Kitchen Countertops

When you think of wood for your countertop, do you see wide wooden panels placed side by side in a predictable pattern? Well dismiss this boring and generic notion. If wood is what you desire, you can have something unique and beautiful that will fit your style. There are so many different types of wood countertops to choose from for your kitchen remodel that are far outside the realm of plain wood. You want a design that will enhance your home and with exotic types of wood available, such as cherry or mahogany, you can move away from that traditional brown or tan look.

Do a little research to find a wooden countertop that is perfect for your needs and fits with the decor of your home. Look for different properties of the wood and its appearance that might make a particular type more attractive and workable in your kitchen. Here are a few of my favorite types of woodto get you started:

Oak. This is a very popular types of wood for countertops today. Oak generally comes in two shades: dark and light. Light oak is also referred to as golden oak and is a bright yellowish-tan in color, with tan grain lines running through it. The dark oak is a deeper tan color with brown grain lines, giving it a nice, rich contrast.

Pine. One of the lightest in color for wood materials, pine is most often used in the construction of furniture as well as countertops. Pine has a color range of pale tan to off-white and is generally used with light colored or white cabinets in the kitchen.

Cherry. This is another very popular wood for countertops and I love it because there are so many other furniture items that can go along with cherry to match not only your countertops, but the whole kitchen decor. It comes in a dark wood with a deep maroon sheen, or light for a unique, closer-to-orange color.

Walnut. One of the few woods used in countertops that is actually brown in appearance, walnut is the wood that most people probably think of when they think wooden countertops. It is neutral in nature and complements any type of color addition in your kitchen. This type of countertop is the one you would choose if you didn’t want your countertop to be the focal point of your kitchen.

Mahogany. This wood is a deep brown color with a reddish hue and gleams in the light. The rich flavor of this wood is truly unique and stunning and is perfect for countertops that will take center stage. Mahogany is not the most popular of woods used in countertops because it is highly priced, but you can stain a pine to look like mahogany.

Speaking of which, stained wooden countertops can meet most any decor style and maintain most any budget while still giving you the look you are going for. Woods that are stained can be much easier to match with other wood elements of your remodel and still look like what nature intend. Staining is also perfect for the unique colors of your style with that wood grain element. Common colors are black, blue, green, red, and even yellow.

Don’t think boring when you think of wood for your kitchen remodel. Think unique, stunning and perfect. Wood is a great choice for the kitchen and comes in an array of choices. You have a few of my favorites, now go check out what will become your favorites.

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